Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Baby Blues

Not that I’ve actually really got them, it’s just that what comes with being pregnant is beginning to drive me mad:

  1. Weird Cravings – I’m not kidding, I just went to the shop and bought cherry pie with extra cherries. I only want cherry flavoured things and actual cherries. I usually don’t give 2 hoots about this!
  2. Feeling Sick – it just sucks, I wouldn’t mind if I was actually sick.
  3. Smells – things STINK! I’m not kidding. If someone walks by you with a bit of BO it smells like an entire sweaty football team has paraded by rubbing their socks under you nose
  4. Poo – nobody tells you about this and it’s a shock when you experience it.
  5. Tiredness – I can sleep for England and then some at the moment
  6. Over Emotional – nearly cried at Britain’s got Talent yesterday. Not a good sign.

In other non-baby related news, I have managed to get Alcatraz finished to a certain point and posted to both Paines Plough and the comp in Manchester. See, the problem with writing isn’t just doing it, what the hell do I do with a finished script? Oh yes, I nearly forgot, I cry and don’t send it anywhere for fear of being laughed at by some type of literati. I’ve emailed it to a few for eye-glancing feedback. If anyone else would like a copy then just tell me, I’d rather not force it down people’s throats on a mass YOU MUST READ THIS!!! Email, it’s just off-putting.

So where is the script going to go? Who am I going to show it to? Well, the support from TWP’s been pretty good and they’ll be my agents, but I’m sure I’ll have to do some groundwork myself. I keep getting told to not just send the script out willy-nilly, but to make sure I know the work the theatre does, well, apart from the Nottingham Playhouse (and most of what they put on wouldn’t drag me out of bed, let alone all the way to Nottingham) I don’t really know what playhouse likes what. I never really bothered with that bit.

Anyway, I’m off-ski to the Far East with my little moleman for a few weeks so I suppose I’ll worry about it when I come back.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Ribena - I Know What You're Drinkin'

That is what he says, right? Ok, ok… time for me to be the “embarrassing mum” about pop music.

Speaking of which, I realised that I made a promise to myself when I was about four that I never kept. I always wanted a layer of white cotton petticoats, less 1950’s teenybopper, more Cyndi Lauper… well… I did think Boy George was a very well dressed young woman and didn’t go off “her” when I found out “she” was a he. I went off Boy George when I found out he slept with no underwear on.

Anyway – I’m getting somewhere with the play and we’re on the internet now so that’s a something.

The play really forms itself with everything a re-write and research. Its weird. Its actually present to write!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Gaa Goo!

Well the world has “flipped turned upside down” for me and I’m not even Will Smith in some very bad 90’s neon clothes. .. I’ve told a few people so the roomers will begin soon enough. I’m having a baby; HM and I are having our first child together. It’s ok actually; it does a weird thing to your brain. Firstly, nothing really matters anymore, like that feeling that you have when you don’t want to send things out for fear of rejection letters, or worst still... nothing! Actually disappears. You just do it anyway and you don’t care, it’s like providing for you and someone else nowadays.
HM has a fairly good job. He’s paid especially well and works a minimum of hours. It looks like I won’t be returning to work for a few years, nor will I have the time to really write, so I’m seriously considering the teaching as background. I applied for a part time lecturer position at Leicester college but I recon that there isn’t a chance in hell of me getting that (seeing as I’ll start work then take time off immediately for maternity leave!) does not bode well!
Bruntwood appears again so that £15000 cash prize looks very tempting to our little family. We’ll be desperate for money!!! (Actually we aren’t that bad off)

HM says I’m getting Wii fit for Xmas L

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Well there is a new change in the blog. It will encorporate quite a few other things!

You'll know by the end of tonight