Sunday, 21 September 2008

Sunday, Sunday here again, a walk in the park...

I think I’ve just has the best Sunday ever and its going to continue. I got up and 7am this morning, went to Croft car boot sale, bought various tat (one of these things being a video of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Junior), came home, had a full English breakfast and then promptly went back to bed until 2.30pm. Currently the boys (HM and his equally retarded brother) are downstairs making mess. One bought a Comadore 64 but is too retarded to figure out how it plugs in, the other bought the Game of Life. Something I had as a child but never figured out how to play.

No writing. I’m off to watch Arnie movies and waste time. That’s what Sunday’s are for.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Wow! it let me sign in!!!

Since returning from France Blogger has denied me access to this blog, replacing it with a series of links that seem to mean nothing. I've had massive problems with Blogger before and should really get to grips with something that is more effective a reliable, but seem to find it overwhelmingly confusing and forgettable.

Anyway, an update:

  • I finished a short story who's main premise was to simply write what my imagination threw up at that time. I began it a few months ago and left it as inspiration slumped, but it's finished now. Personally I think its ok. its a totally different style, tone and feeling to most other things I've written and its a refreshing change for me.
  • I have begun an article about pregnancy and how it corresponds to feminism for a small German magazine.
  • i began with the play - cutting three characters and inventing the character of Kate who works on a train. I've set it on the train. it's a first class carriage that has been declassified so anyone can sit there. its still shit and i don't really feel the "burn" for it yet, but I have to write it, no matter how naff it turns out.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Mama Og

The moral dilemma of selling your soul, roots and story to the BBC.

When pitching 2 different stories to the BBC last month a genuine interest arose from one over the other. This current story I am now writing and consequently selling has its roots in Hokkien Chinese Singapore, Working Class 1960’s Britain, Middle Class 1960’s Britain, modern day and the future. The moral problem is how am I writing and compiling this story? How do I remove it from me enough to not annoy people close to me?

Usually my writing has a firm basis in real life characters that then “lift” when written thoroughly into something new. This however seems to not be happening and I’m left with Lela Lee’s “Mamma Og”