Monday, 14 April 2008


Well Saturday has been and gone (in fact a few Saturdays – at least 2!) and the reading went surprisingly better than I had anticipated. I didn’t quite realise it but I’ve actually written something FUNNY.

I don’t really do humour as a whole as I don’t understand jokes thinking they are a device invented by wittier, more quick thinking people to trip up the likes of me with over-obvious conclusions. Either that or I just plain don’t get it.

Humour in this thingumy, however is more consequential. It’s more about how pathetic and uncharismatic people and situations are – counter-balanced of course by unashamed parodies and caricatures of imagined people. In short, the things I often find funny others often don’t thinking that its too black humour / too serious and generally missing the point.

Funniness aside – draft 3 is now forming in the brain (insane in the brain)

Things to sort

Characterisation – of all characters. Here is a little snippit of a few questions all the characters need to be asked

What is their status?

What is their function in the plot?

How do they really feel about each other character?

How do they feel about their surroundings?

What is their back-story?

What is their future story?

How do they engage with the theme of escape?

Plot – ties and all o that shit
Birkenbeck’s Speech – this still needs to be written and I’m too scared to actually venture into a church and ask the religious people what they believe!!!!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

A Little Fear Goes a Long Way...

A little fear is something I have right about now. Saturday is approaching ever closer for the first read through of Alcatraz and it’s, quite frankly, rubbish.
However, at second draft stage I know its rubbish. I know what needs doing to it; all I want is for it to be heard off the page by me and perhaps to a few others who can then be informed on what I’m working on... if ya see what I mean...
I know that it has no characterisation at the moment and this effects the plot. I kind of just want to punish myself a bit. I feel that i need to hear it. It might give me a few ideas.

and what if some of my readers dont turn up!!!!