Friday, 19 September 2008

Wow! it let me sign in!!!

Since returning from France Blogger has denied me access to this blog, replacing it with a series of links that seem to mean nothing. I've had massive problems with Blogger before and should really get to grips with something that is more effective a reliable, but seem to find it overwhelmingly confusing and forgettable.

Anyway, an update:

  • I finished a short story who's main premise was to simply write what my imagination threw up at that time. I began it a few months ago and left it as inspiration slumped, but it's finished now. Personally I think its ok. its a totally different style, tone and feeling to most other things I've written and its a refreshing change for me.
  • I have begun an article about pregnancy and how it corresponds to feminism for a small German magazine.
  • i began with the play - cutting three characters and inventing the character of Kate who works on a train. I've set it on the train. it's a first class carriage that has been declassified so anyone can sit there. its still shit and i don't really feel the "burn" for it yet, but I have to write it, no matter how naff it turns out.

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